Snapchat stands out as a widely favored social networking app worldwide, boasting a staggering 750 million active users each month. Its claim to fame rests on its temporary messages, innovative filters, and stories that enable users to express themselves and create valuable connections. Few people realize, however, that Snapchat also harbors an AI-powered chatbot ready to engage in conversations.

This chatbot goes by the name of “My AI” and operates thanks to ChatGPT: a highly advanced natural language processing system developed by OpenAI. ChatGPT holds the ability to generate coherent dialogues on any subject matter; its functioning is heavily dependent on deep learning techniques leveraged from an extensive text database. Snapchat jumps aboard the train as one of OpenAI’s first customers to employ ChatGPT-like models and specialized compute power under the hood known as Foundry developer platform1.

“My AI” finds placement atop the chats tab for paying subscribers of Snapchat Plus service. Subscribers can also rename “My AI” while customizing chats with unique wallpapers. The chatbot isn’t structured like a search engine or personal assistant but more like an additional friend within Snapchat’s ecosystem for those looking for an accompanying presence.

According to Evan Spiegel, CEO at Snap: “We envision daily interactions with AI in addition to those we have with friends and family.” He strongly believes that AI-driven chatbots will become increasingly commonplace in everyday routines for many individuals.

Conversing with “My AI” does come with its fair share of limitations and dangers. In order to maintain trust and safety standards prescribed by Snap, they’ve restricted the bot’s responses from including swearing, violence, explicit content or expressing opinions regarding sensitive subjects such as political matters. Furthermore Snap has instructed their bot not generate misleading information or write academic papers – both capabilities inherent within ChatGPT.

While these measures are in place Snapchat acknowledges that their bot may still experience hallucinations and inadvertently generate inappropriate responses not reflective of the company or users’ viewpoints. Consequently users are advised against sharing any confidential information or soliciting advice from the chatbot3.

Additionally, users should be made aware that all interactions with “My AI” will be recorded and reviewed by Snapchat to enhance their product/service. Consequently privacy and confidentiality during conversations is non-existent; therefore, users ought to exercise caution in revealing personal or sensitive data that could potentially be exploited by hackers or ill-intentioned actors.

Summing up, “My AI” represents a fun and groundbreaking feature enriching Snapchat patrons’ experiences with ChatGPT’s prowess. However it is crucial for users to account for associated risks and limitations when engaging an AI-driven chatbot which might not consistently furnish accurate or fitting replies. Respecting Snap’s guidelines on trust and safety whilst exercising responsible chatbot usage will ensure satisfactory experiences for everyone involved in the ecosystem.


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