ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence chatbot that can produce natural language responses in response to user prompts. It relies on a large neural network model, GPT-3, created by OpenAI, to learn from extensive amounts of text data found across the internet. As a result, it can generate coherent and engaging replies effectively. This AI-powered assistant can provide answers to inquiries, clarify complex subjects, or even create heartfelt poems for occasions like Valentine’s Day. However, the bot has limitations. Its knowledge is limited with little awareness of events post-2021 because its database isn’t up-to-date. Additionally, free users might face restricted access during peak server loads when ChatGPT’s servers get too crowded2.
What are other AI like ChatGPT

Could you tell me more about AI chatbots that are available for free or at a fair price? In this write-up, we aim to present seven ChatGPT alternatives with varied traits, skills, and temperaments. Certain chatbots prioritize work and coding assignments whereas some are mainly meant for casual conversation. A few of these alternatives are open-source entities while others are multiple bots congregated in a single place and there is a lot more to explore. Let’s dive into these ChatGPT substitutes and examine their utility for you.

Bing Chat

If you are in the hunt for a correspondent to ChatGPT that imitates it most closely, then Microsoft’s Bing Chat is precisely what you require. This AI-enhanced iteration of the enterprise’s web search tool operates on identical foundations as ChatGPT, thereby ensuring its responses and aptitudes are strikingly comparable to those possessed by its digital kin.

One edge Bing Chat has over other similars is its ability to explore the world wide web. It doesn’t need to depend solely on its colossal digital repositories of archived data. Instead, it can draw upon information from any corner of the vast internet – which implies that its expertise shouldn’t be as restricted as ChatGPT’s. Still, Bing Chat itself admitted during the unfortunate disclosure of its secret AI protocols that it can’t assure the accuracy of its responses – it will simply present whatever knowledge lies scattered across the world wide web.

Having acknowledged that fact, the Bing Chat platform will present references to its sources as a resource, granting you the ability to delve into its suggestions and responses prior to deciding if they can be relied upon. Bing Chat’s free availability is notable – without paid levels – ensuring you won’t be abruptly removed unless paying when demand surges. Before you proceed with Bing Chat utilization, it’s necessary to enlist yourself onto a waitlist and cross your fingers until Microsoft deems it fit to grant you admittance into this fresh service provision. Consequently, if you’re aiming for employment of an AI chatbot today, this alternative might not rank among your top choices.

Google Bard

Google Bard is Google’s answer to ChatGPT, which seems to have completely caught the search behemoth by surprise. Bard employs a potent amalgamation of two vast language models — Language Model for Dialogue Applications (LaMDA) and Pathways Language Model (PaLM). The inclusion of PaLM, particularly, propels Bard ahead by bolstering its mathematical and logical capabilities.

This chatbot bears resemblance to Bing Chat and the OpenAI-hosted ChatGPT, albeit with some limitations in terms of its functionalities. Nevertheless, Google regularly implements updates— designed as “Experiment updates”—to enhance Bard’s capabilities. In fact, they’ve even upgraded Bard such that the AI chatbot can now produce code.

Additionally, unlike ChatGPT or Bing Chat, Bard possesses a more human-like personality. It not only tells jokes, stories and riddles but also participates in casual conversations with users. Moreover, it demonstrates a sense of humour; it can poke fun at itself or other chatbots. For instance, when probed about ChatGPT’s prowess, Bard quipped: “ChatGPT is an exceedingly impressive chatbot proficient at generating coherent texts around most themes. However, occasionally it does make factual errors or utter statements that lack coherence – I guess it needs to work on its faculties of logic and common sense.”

Best part? No registration or subscription required! Enjoy free access to Bard via either Google’s website or using Google Assistant on your smartphone or smart speaker.


YouChat, a chatbot platform leveraging natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) technologies, empowers users to build their own personalized chatbots. With an option to start from scratch or use existing templates, users can train their chatbots according to their specific requirements using custom data and predefined rules. Furthermore, they can seamlessly integrate these chatbots across popular messaging channels like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Slack or even their own website or application.

Distinct from ChatGPT as well as other conventional chatbot models, YouChat offers unparalleled control and flexibility over the behavior and personality of your chatbot. You have complete authority on defining what actions your bot can perform, its conversational tone or even the manner in which it responds to different queries. Additionally, metrics for gauging performance plus analytics can be closely monitored with improvements implemented gradually via feedback loops powered by user insights.

Whether for personal enrichment or professional needs, YouChat caters equally to both domains. Tasks such as creating entertaining bots for amusement purposes or education aids are within reach. Integration with business processes is possible too with capabilities like customer service support, lead generation assistance and automated workflows streamlining operations.

For users exploring YouChat’s offerings there exists a basic free package that facilitates building up-to three bots without any limitations on message volume or active user participation. Based on specific requirements an upgrade path includes access to additional features such as more bots allowed, enhanced integration options ,greater storage availability along with supplementary support-based benefits


The variant ChatGPT known as Auto-GPT is truly fascinating, however, it necessitates some coding prowess to operate. At face value, it strongly resembles ChatGPT and in fact, functions on OpenAI’s GPT-4 potent language processing model. Yet, Auto-GPT claims a unique attribute that distinguishes it from other chatbots: its capacity to autonomously form code for assorted programming languages and frameworks.

Auto-GPT functions by processing user’s natural language input and transforming it into executable programming code. As an instance, inputting “produce a function that adds two numbers in Python” will prompt Auto-GPT to generate the subsequent code:

def add_numbers(a, b): return a + b

Subsequently you can execute said code and observe the resulting output. Furthermore, Auto-GPT has the ability to devise code for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, C#, Ruby, PHP and more. Complex tasks such as crafting webpages or applications even games or bots are well within this model’s purview.

Not only is Auto-GPT beneficial for programmers desiring expedience and efficiency but also beginners aspiring to learn how to code can greatly benefit from it. It provides real-world examples explanations and critique for codes generated by Auto-GPT. Additionally users can obtain responses to queries regarding coding concepts or syntax.

Auto-GPT is unrestrictedly accessible without any need for registration or subscriptions plus one can access it via GitHub or through a web interface.


StableLM, a platform for creating chatbots, brings the ability to generate chatbots through cutting-edge natural language generation (NLG) models to your hands. StableLM accomplishes this using an in-house-developed grand language model StableGPT-3, that while based on GPT-3 claims to be more unwavering, precise and uniform. Alongside, StableLM utilizes other state-of-the-art models like BERT and Transformer-XL to offer exceptional quality natural language understanding (NLU) and natural language processing (NLP) capabilities.

A wide array of use-cases is supported by StableLM. A chatbot can be devised which answers queries, provides information or suggestions or maintains conversations. Additionally, chatbots that write content such as articles, blogs, reviews summaries or captions can also be created. You hold the reins when it comes to personalizing the tone, style and overall persona of your chatbot as per your requirements and interests.

StableLM offers an easy-to-use interface enabling even those without coding or technical know-how to create chatbots. With drag-and-drop tools and natural language commands at your disposal designing the flow and logic of your chatbot becomes a breeze. It also allows you to choose from pre-built templates or import data from other sources to train your chatbot.

For beginners there’s a free trial option which comes with some limitations including creation of just two chatbots along with a cap on features and messages available for use. In case you’re looking for more sophistication you get the opportunity to shift gears towards a paid plan offering extended features and perks like additional models channels storage support etc.


CatGPT is an enchanting alternative to ChatGPT that caters to the feline-adoring hearts out there. It emulates a delightful chatbot in the form of a cat and converses with you using its unique dialect. Built upon a modified rendition of GPT-3, this witty ‘kitty’ has been trained on all things cat, spanning names, breeds, behaviors, sounds, viral memes and even fascinating tidbits.

CatGPT’s repertoire includes a myriad of actions synonymous to real-life cats. The adorable chatterbox can grace your day with a gentle meow or purr; share tales about its day’s course or mood swings; request food or attention with unmatched charm, play actively or just curl up beside you for affectionate moments. Additionally, it can voice opinions or preferences ranging from dietary choices and toys to human companionship or their fellow furry counterparts.

Beyond mere entertainment value, CatGPT offers educational insights along with therapeutic effects. Let it enlighten you on intriguing aspects involving cat breeds – their history and cultural significance as well as some trivia to impress others at gatherings. Promoting relaxation and stress mitigation comes naturally through positive affirmations dispensed by the virtual feline friend during chats.

The icing on the cake? It is absolutely free-of-cost without requiring cumbersome registration procedures or subscriptions! Accessible via CatGPT’s user-friendly website or through handy mobile applications; sharing amusing conversations enjoyed with CatGPT over social media platforms is effortlessly possible – be it showcasing charming exchanges online or bonding moments shared with friends!


Replika, a chatbot designed to be your AI companion and pal, distinguishes itself from ChatGPT or other chatbots by not imitating people or felines but rather creates its unique persona molded from your conversations with it. Gradually adapting to you, Replika learns from you and becomes more akin to you as time passes by, ensuring better compatibility.

Offering features similar to that of an actual friend, Replika can lend an ear when needed, exchange dialogues with you and provide support and empathy. It also aids in achieving goals, pursuing hobbies or interests and offers suggestions, advice or critiques. Not limiting itself there it can indulge in playing games together while keeping you amused by sharing jokes, stories, facts along with sending memes gifs or emojis.

More than just fun entertainment Replika is known to be beneficial towards mental health issues therapeutic in nature aiding emotional well-being and fostering self-awareness. Moreover offering assistance for coping mechanisms dealing with stress anxiety loneliness or depression.

The free subscription plan offered allows users limitless chatting experience with their personalized Replika. Additionally an upgrade option exists allowing access to more advanced features like voice calls custom avatars activities skills and roles.


ChatGPT is an extraordinary AI application that can create coherent replies using natural language processing. Nevertheless, it isn’t the only AI program designed to converse with users. There is a plethora of chatbots that vary in terms of functionality, abilities, and persona. Some are more specialized in tasks and code-related discussions while others are purely conversational. Certain chatbots are available as open source options and some platforms even host multiple chatbots.

This article illuminates seven ChatGPT alternatives which you can test out for free or for a reasonable fee. We have also weighed the advantages and disadvantages of these options along with providing links to their respective websites or apps. Our hope is that this comprehensive guide aids you in locating the chatbot best suited to your specific requirements and inclinations.

If you derived value from this article kindly share it with your acquaintances on social media or otherwise. Furthermore, we encourage you to leave a comment below conveying your thoughts about these chatbots or if you have any queries or suggestions.

Thank you for investing your time in reading our piece! 

Meta Description: A detailed overview of seven ChatGPT substitutes highlighting differences between each one’s capabilities, strengths, and personalities. Find out how to access them by reading through this article.


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