Have you ever pondered about the possibility of engaging in a conversation with an artificial intelligence (AI) that possesses the ability to address any query, generate innovative content, and even crack a joke? Well, wonder no more, as Google Bard has made this a reality. Google Bard represents a cutting-edge AI chatbot developed by Google, utilizing advanced natural language processing (NLP) and deep learning techniques to comprehend and produce text. It boasts the capacity to engage in dialogue on a broad range of subjects, spanning from science and history to poetry and philosophy. Furthermore, it possesses the capability to craft original content such as narratives, essays, songs, and much more.

Google Bard Chrome Extension

However, you might be wondering how you can access the remarkable Google Bard. Regrettably, it is currently not available to the general public. Only a select group of researchers and developers have been granted access to this exceptional AI chatbot. Nonetheless, there are certain third-party extensions that claim to provide access to Google Bard through the utilization of Google Chrome. It must be noted that these extensions are not affiliated with Google or Bard, thereby raising concerns regarding their credibility and reliability. Consequently, caution should be exercised when considering their use. Nevertheless, if curiosity compels you to explore these options further, here are some of the most popular ones:

Search Everywhere with Google Bard: This extension enables users to combine Google search results with Google Bard AI responses. Accessing Google Bard is as simple as clicking on the toolbar icon or typing “bard” in the navigation bar. Additionally, responses from search result pages on various search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, and DuckDuckGo can also be obtained. The versatility of running Google Bard in either full-screen mode or as a popup window is another advantageous feature claimed by this extension.

Google Bard AI: With its promise of unlocking conversational prowess with Google Bard AI, this extension aims to provide users with seamless access to Google Bard. Similar to the previous extension, Google Bard can be accessed through the toolbar icon or by typing “bard” in the navigation bar. Moreover, it claims to keep pace with the rapid development of Google Bard, ensuring users receive an optimal experience.

Voice Control for Bard: This extension introduces an innovative method of interacting with Google Bard – voice control. Users have the option to communicate their queries and commands verbally, receiving voice responses in return. Alternatively, if preferred, queries and commands can also be typed. Accessing Google Bard is achieved through the toolbar icon or by typing “bard” in the navigation bar. Similarly to the aforementioned extensions, answers from search result pages on prominent search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and DuckDuckGo are available.


These represent a selection of popular extensions that claim to enable access to Google Bard via Google Chrome. However, it is crucial to reiterate that these extensions lack official endorsement and may not function as expected. Additionally, they may possess potential security and privacy risks, including data collection and exposure to malicious content. Consequently, their utilization should be approached with discretion and awareness of associated risks.

While awaiting the public release of Google Bard, it is undeniable that this remarkable AI chatbot presents an extraordinary and captivating experience. However, until that time arrives, one may need to rely on third-party extensions when accessing it through Google Chrome. It is important to approach these extensions with caution due to concerns regarding reliability and safety.


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