Janitor AI is a popular online platform that allows users to create and chat with artificial intelligence (AI) powered characters. These characters can have different personalities, appearances, and scenarios, making them ideal for role-playing, storytelling, or entertainment purposes. But do you have to pay for using Janitor AI? The answer is: it depends.

Do You Have to Pay for Janitor AI

How Janitor AI Works

Janitor AI is powered by large language models (LLMs), which are advanced AI systems that can generate natural language texts based on user input. Janitor AI uses two types of LLMs: OpenAI and Kobold. OpenAI is a well-known research organization that develops cutting-edge AI models, such as GPT-3 and GPT-4. Kobold is a custom LLM developed by the Janitor AI team, which is optimized for creating realistic and engaging chatbot characters.

Users can access Janitor AI through its website or mobile app. They can browse through a catalog of existing characters created by other users or create their own characters from scratch. To create a character, users need to provide some basic information, such as the character’s name, avatar, personality, scenario, and initial message. Users can also customize the character’s appearance, voice, and behavior using various settings and options.

Once the character is created, users can start chatting with it using text or voice input. The character will respond according to its personality and scenario, creating an interactive and immersive experience. Users can also rate, review, and share their characters with other users on the platform.

How Janitor AI Charges Users

Janitor AI operates on a freemium model, which means that some features are free and some require payment. The free features include:

  • Creating and chatting with up to three characters using Kobold LLM
  • Browsing and chatting with existing characters created by other users using Kobold LLM
  • Accessing basic settings and options for customizing characters
  • Rating, reviewing, and sharing characters with other users

The paid features include:

  • Creating and chatting with unlimited characters using OpenAI LLM
  • Accessing advanced settings and options for customizing characters
  • Using NSFW (not safe for work) content filtering
  • Using reverse proxy integration
  • Using multi-lingual support
  • Receiving ongoing model optimization
  • Receiving chatbot analytics

To access the paid features, users need to purchase tokens, which are the currency of Janitor AI. Tokens can be bought using various payment methods, such as credit cards, PayPal, or cryptocurrencies. The price of tokens varies depending on the amount and frequency of purchase. For example, as of June 2023, one token costs $0.05 if bought in bulk or $0.10 if bought individually.

The number of tokens required to use the paid features also varies depending on the feature and usage. For example, as of June 2023, one token allows users to chat with one character using OpenAI LLM for 10 minutes or create one character using OpenAI LLM. Users can also subscribe to monthly or yearly plans that offer unlimited access to all features for a fixed price.

Is Janitor AI Worth Paying For?

Whether Janitor AI is worth paying for depends on the user’s preferences and needs. Some users may find the free features sufficient for their purposes, while others may want to enjoy the full potential of the platform by using the paid features.

The main advantages of using the paid features are:

  • Accessing higher-quality and more diverse chatbot characters using OpenAI LLM
  • Customizing characters more extensively and creatively
  • Filtering out inappropriate or offensive content
  • Enhancing security and privacy
  • Supporting multiple languages
  • Improving chatbot performance and functionality
  • Analyzing chatbot data and feedback

The main disadvantages of using the paid features are:

  • Spending money on a non-essential service
  • Facing potential technical issues or glitches
  • Encountering ethical or legal dilemmas
  • Developing unhealthy or addictive habits

Ultimately, the decision to pay for Janitor AI depends on the user’s personal judgment and evaluation of the costs and benefits of the platform.


Janitor AI is an innovative online platform that allows users to create and chat with AI-powered characters. The platform offers both free and paid features, which differ in terms of quality, diversity, customization, security, and functionality. Users need to weigh the pros and cons of paying for Janitor AI based on their preferences and needs.

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